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John Messamore

Supporters need much more data on the Wi-Fi Monitoring Devices (WMD) if we are to convince our elected officials to use or support our use of them! Basics like specs, testing, calibration, employment of, chain of custody, use of data for evidence, and more. Anyone know of any sources to get some clarity on the WMDs?

Richard Rutledge

One of our other State leaders suggested I make contact with you guys lets talk!

Richard Rutledge

Anyone in the Birmingham Area? I chair this group and am working with a number of orther groups to try and network Conservatives and groups in Alabama. Us https://cp-usa.com/al/

Paul Johnson

Does anyone know when and how we can obtain the internet detection device discussed at the summit?

Jeffrey Young

@Scott, for the PAF and non-liability agreements, you it could just be on your own behalf or on the behalf of a group/organization.

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(This category is private, would you like to request an access?)